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""I have taken 5 of Shelia's classes, and each time I have come away with practical knowledge that I have been able to apply in my daily life. She is a credit to the therapeutic community. Not only is she professional, passionate, and a wealth of information, but she is also accessible and teaches with a relaxed ease and firm command of her material. I always find myself eagerly anticipating her next course offering." 

 Arturo, April 2013

"Shelia's Aromatherapy classes are not only informative but she has a way of teaching that's fun and easy to follow.  Before my first class with Shelia, I thought aromatherapy was just scent dispersed into the air but I've learned it's much more than that! Now I incorporate essential oils into my everyday life from lip balms, lotions, shampoos, cleaning products to healing discomforts and illness, the possibilities are endless.  With essential oils Shelia has awaken me to live a healthier lifestyle chemical free! Thank you Shelia for such invaluable knowledge!" Ivy 2013
"The information was clear to follow as this was an introduction to a subject that I was very interested in, but didn't know where to start.  Shelia is amazing!"

"Each time I have renewal of past aromatherapy education and take away new information to use in my everyday life.  Loved the headache remedies for my clients and menstrual remedies for myself.  Always a pleasure and I'm looking forward to the next session."

Students of Aromatherapy Workshops, 2012-2013


"I loved learning how to use essential oils for different purposes in massage, but also emotional, physical and other reasons. I can't wait to use the website Shelia showed us (recipes). It was fun, informative and very interactive. A Great Day!"

 "The instructor is superior in every aspect. By far the best teacher I have had in a long time (I did go back to school to get another BA in Spanish in 2006). Very knowledgeable, professional and best of all, she can teach what she knows enthusiastically and I want to learn more."

"This class was awesome. I loved the teaching techniques and the materials provided. Well worth it!"

"I came away with the understanding that this material is not only helpful for my massage clients, but also for self-care as a therapist - it was educational, entertaining and very practical. Loved it!"

"I was impressed by the wealth of information the instructor presented as resource tools. She was easy to follow and it was a really fun class."

"Learning about the different essential oils-how to mix them, the safe usage, and the different ways to apply them for my health was far beyond what I had imagined. This class was fabulous. Great info-so much to learn! Thanks Shelia!"

 Students of Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils, 2007-2013

"Shelia is a truly amazing person and educator. After taking many informational classes with her on the safe usage of essential oils I was ecstatic to find out she was going to provide the Aromatherapy Certification Program. She teaches to all styles of learning and is always willing to answer questions. Her passion for holistic healing is infectious! I highly recommend Shelia and Essential Care Aromatics for your educational journey into aromatherapy."

 Julie Burhart-Crumby, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist
Sacred Tree Aromatics, New Jersey

"The Aromatherapy Certification Program, taught by Shelia Murray at Essential Care Aromatics was amazing. It was three weeks of learning all about essential oils, the history of aromatherapy, the effects of essential oils on the systems of the body, contraindication and most importantly the chemistry behind the oils. We where able to put our knowledge to use by creating multiple blends in class. We created a large assortment of items...from a first aid kit to body scrubs and oils blends. Shelia is an amazing teacher who in addition to sharing her extensive knowledge of essential oils, opened her home to us and made us all feel very welcome. Our class bonded over those three weeks and in addition to becoming certified aromatherapists, we became friends who to this day rely on each other for advise, both professional and personal.  In short, the ACP changed my life." 

 Jacqueline Blakeley, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist
 Students of Aromatherapy Certification Program

" I became interested in Essential Oils after dabbling in soap/product making and my online search for a formal education kept bringing me back to Essential Care Aromatics School. Through preliminary electronic and telephone communications, I had a secure sense that Shelia was knowledgeable, experienced, very personable and the best teacher for me versus online courses. During our three weeks of class time, there was a balance of learning time and personal interaction between the students and teachers, but her style is so personable, the learning doesn't feel like a task, it's an educational experience! The environment was more comfortable than my own home! I am so glad that I chose Essential Care Aromatics School over online course that can end up being more costly and lack the hands on class time. Shelia does a wonderful job of communicating and picking up when her students need further clarification. She is not only my teacher, she is my mentor who I respect tremendously."

April Ortiz, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist (CHA)
Tahireen Aromatherapy, Houston, TX

What Our Students Are Saying

"This class demystified the process of making butters & lotions. This opened up new avenues of possibility for me and my family."

"I loved learning the basics of blending my own base products to incorporate them into my practice by customizing products for my clients. I think the information was just enough to handle in this amount of time (8 hours).  SO AWESOME!"

"Shelia's workshop of Therapeutic Uses of Carriers & Butters was so informative. It not only taught me how to make various balms, lotions and butters but why I should choose different carriers due to their therapeutic properties. It was such a fun class and on top of that I earned 8 hours of continuing education credit for my massage therapy licensing requirements!"

 Students of Therapeutic Uses of Carriers & Butters, 2013​